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Your Bills Don’t Care About Your Excuses

Your Bills Don’t Care About Your Excuses

It shouldn’t come as a huge shock to you that the economy isn’t in the greatest of shapes right now.

Recession is constantly looming, and inflation is rising higher every day.

And if you know the struggle of keeping a 9-5, then you also know that paychecks just aren’t rising at quite the same rate.

Leaving you having to pinch more pennies every single month.

And I hate to be the one to break this to you if you didn’t already know…but there’s no sign of things getting any better any time soon.
  • Your electric bill doesn’t care that you’d rather go out and enjoy time with your friends next weekend.
  •  Your rent or mortgage doesn’t give a damn that you need to put food on the table and gas in the tank.
  • Your car payment and insurance premiums aren’t bothered that you want to take your kids or partner on vacation.
The bills ain't gonna budge.

So YOU need to.

The #1 Way To Move Toward Money

Maybe you’ve tried making your own side hustle income before but with no success.

Maybe you've thought about it, but after a full week of work, you’re too exhausted to pile more on.

Basically, what you need is…

A surefire way to make a lot of money consistently with minimal time, energy, and effort without needing a bunch of checkboxes to be ticked in order to get started.

Am I anywhere in the ballpark?

You’ve probably been told by others that you won’t get anywhere without:
  • Skills and knowledge
  •  Hard work and dedication
  • Huge financial funding
Without all of these things…

You won’t make any money, and you’ll struggle for the rest of your life with a stressful 9-5 that only just barely covers the basic necessities.

Because that's what society has brainwashed us into thinking.

I’m here to tell you that your dream scenario…is way more real than you ever would have thought.

How can I be so sure? Because I live it.

Meet Nasar El-arabi…Your Doru 

My name is Nas. They call me the DOru because I DO this business.

You may be surprised to know that I currently make 7 figures annually through Real Estate.

I don’t look like the type do I?

But just because I don’t walk around in a stuffy business suit doesn’t mean I’m not earning more money than any regular guy on wall street driving a Lamborghini.

Now I never said it was easy.

It took me 15 years to work my way up to where I am now, and some of those years, I hit some pretty low lows.

I grew up in the hood, just barely made it out of college…

And built up my real estate empire all while juggling a miserable 9-5 that paid me just $10 an hour.

It even got to the point where I was fired. It wasn’t pretty.

But thank God I had been investing in Real Estate the whole time because the 6 figures I had saved up ended up saving me.

I didn’t start with funding. 

I didn’t start with a degree in Real Estate, and I didn’t have a license or any special set of skills.

And to be honest with you, I didn’t have a whole lot of spare time either.

But I did it by cracking the code. 

I discovered the secret formula to building a Real Estate Empire using no money and having no experience.

And because I already went through the stress…You won’t have to.

Launch Your 7-Figure Real Estate Empire From Scratch With Zero Cash, Zero Experience, and Zero Stress:

15 Years Of Trial For Me = $15,000.00/Month For You

Let me break it down…

My past struggles mean you get to skip the line and go straight to the front.

I understand how all this can be confusing to someone who is just getting started; but that’s why I created the starter pack. 

I got you, fam.

It breaks the whole process down into just 3 key sections.

And if you read any of the bullet points on the lists below and don’t understand them, don’t worry. 

EVERYTHING is explained in simple and easy-to-understand ways.

Basically, what I created in this Starter Pack is what I wish I had had when I first started.

It’s all of the vital knowledge you need with none of the extra fluff you don’t.

It is designed to work for ANYONE. So whether you’re a total newbie just starting out fresh from high school…

Or have been trying for years to support your family and supplement your 9-5 income…

This Starter Pack contains EVERYTHING you need to start earning $15,000.00 a month EVERY month.

Finally prove the haters in your life wrong.

Protect your family, your future, and achieve life-long financial freedom TODAY.

The 3 Keys 
(Your Starter Pack Content)

Below are the 3 sections that will be included in your Starter Pack. 


Find & Wholesale Properties Without Pulling A Dime Outta Your Own Pocket 

(Valued at $499.00)

Wholesaling is the key to unlocking your initial stream of wealth. I will give you an easy to follow step-by-step instructions that follow exactly the formula I use myself.

It’s tried, it’s tested, and it’s proven to work consistently.

Course 1 Wholesaling ABCs:
  • Wholesaling Mindset (Location, Location Location)
  • Finding Motivated Sellers & Marketing The Deal
  • Skip Tracing - What Is It And How To Utilize It Easily
  • ​Driving For Dollars And Comping Deep Dive 
  • ​Finding Leads, Cash Buyers, And Cold Calling Basics
  • ​Text Message Marketing And Tips For Success
  • ​Organizing Your Business With Crm And Other Key Tools 
  • ​Understanding Contracts To Make A Successful Offer


Secure Your First Rental Property Even If You Have Little To No Experience 

(Valued at $499.00)

This is the second step and your key to making smart investments and growing wealth. Using my process, you do not need ANY qualifications or management skills.

You can quickly and easily build a portfolio that generates consistent income.

Course 2 Your First Rental:
  • Understanding Why Easy Rentals Work Harder For You
  • Intro Into Secure Residential Real Estate Investing
  • Deep Dive On Property Management And Insurance
  • ​Dealing With Motivated Sellers For Maximum Profit
  • Financing, External Funding, List Buying, And Cold Calling
  • Everything You Need To Know About Comping
  • ​How To Evaluate Deals, Calculate Roi, & Make An Offer
  • ​Closing Deals Seamlessly And Driving For Collars


 Build Long-Term Wealth & Leave A Lasting Legacy For Generations 

(Valued at $499.00)

This is the key to building generational wealth, leaving a brighter future for the fam, and a healthier retirement account for you. Make your money work harder for you.

This is your definitive, simple guide on how to finally utilize and understand IRA’s.

Course 3 Retire With Real Estate:
  • Understanding What The Different Retirement Accounts Are
  • ​Knowing The Benefits Of Having A Retirement Account
  • ​How To Invest With Your Ira Securely And Safely Long-Term
  • ​How To Use Both Wholesaling And Rentals To Your Advantage 
  • ​​How To Create Wealth For Now And Long Into The Future
Normally this complete Starter Pack sells for $1,497.00 in total for all 3 incredible courses.

But like I said…I got you, fam.

The DOru Deal

Listen…I know what it’s like to be on the other side of things.

I was there at one point, too, remember?

But the last thing I want is for the finances in your present to get in the way of the finances of your future.

That’s basically just stealing your happiness of tomorrow for today.

So because I want you to succeed like I have…just for you, just for today, and on this page only…

I will give you immediate LIFETIME access to ALL 3 COURSES for only one payment of $697!

That’s not a subscription. It’s not a recurring payment.

That is unrestricted LIFETIME access.


With your one-time purchase of the complete 3- Course Starter Pack today…you will also gain IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME access to:

  • Our Private Facebook Group (Valued at $997) To connect with other like-minded individuals and stay motivated and accountable.
  • Our Private Discord Group Chat (Valued at $197) To stay current with the market and ask any questions you may have.
  • Weekly Motivational Emails (Valued at $97) Keep your spirits high and your profits even higher with weekly tips, tricks, and advice.

If at any time I discover something new in the industry (because remember, I’m DOING this business too)...

I will give the additional course material to you ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

That’s a potentially unlimited dollar value; all included in your one-time payment of only $697!

So if you are looking for a guaranteed way to earn BIG money without the struggle, stress, and frustration of confusing language and societal roadblocks…

Then get started with your Real Estate Empire Starter Pack TODAY.

Launch Your 7-Figure Real Estate Empire From Scratch With Zero Cash, Zero Experience, and Zero Stress:

Seeing Is Believing

Hear What the Doru Squad Fam 
Has to Say About It

Your Real Future With My Real Estate

Can you put a price on a LIFETIME of freedom, happiness, and security?

Because if it’s worth more to you than a one-time payment of $697…then you’ve got yourself a deal you have no excuses to refuse.

With everything contained in this Starter Pack…

Not only are all your bills getting paid in full and on time, but now you’re:

  • Paying off all your old debts in lump sums
  • Taking your partner to fancy restaurants
  • Buying the expensive house and fast car
  • ​Spending time with your family and friends
  • ​Investing in and pursuing your hobbies
  • ​Going to bed without setting an alarm for work
  • ​Traveling the world and experiencing first-class
  • ​Eliminating all your financial stress and anxiety
  • ​Never worried about unexpected expenses
  • ​Providing for your family for generations to come
Can you really afford emotionally, physically, and spiritually, to not have this as your future?

Launch Your 7-Figure Real Estate Empire From Scratch With Zero Cash, Zero Experience, and Zero Stress:

Or Option B…

If you want to pass all this up because you're afraid, I can’t stop you.

But I just want you to imagine what your life will still be like in a year…10 years…50 years…if you just stay on this path you're on now…

Not taking action today could eventually cost you to:
  • Lose healthy years to stress and anxiety
  • Have less time to be present with your partner
  • Fewer holidays out with your family and kids
  • ​Years of 9-5 struggle and no retirement to show for it
At what point are you going to stand up and say, no more?

Because if right now is that moment…if right now you decide things are going to change for you and your family…

Then this one-time payment of $697 is going to get you everything you need to guarantee success.
LAST CALL: This is the last time I will be offering this 3-course bundle as a 3-for-1 deal. After the new year, pricing for each course will go back to normal. Plus you're gonna get exclusive access to my private recorded coaching calls. It’s a no brainer fam! No cap. You can thank me later

Your LIFETIME of Value Awaits

By ordering TODAY…

  • The complete 3-Course Starter Pack (Total value of $1,497.00)
  • The Private Facebook Group (worth $997)
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  • ​Weekly Motivational Emails (worth  $97)
  • Unlimited Course Updates (priceless)
A total of $2,700, all for only one payment of $697!

It’s time to change…for you, for the fam, for your future.

I got you.
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